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How to find fortnite gold bars, this is the location of fortnite gold bars

Where To Find Gold Bars in Fortnite - Battle Royale You can collect gold bars, but what do you need them for and where can you find them? DLPrivateServer shows you what gold bullion is.

What is gold bullion? Bars were introduced as currency in Season 5 - Chapter 2. Unlike V-Bucks, you can only use them in game rounds and cannot activate or buy cosmetics with them.

How to find fortnite gold bars, this is the location of fortnite gold bars

The only way to get gold bars is to find and collect them in-game. Therefore, you cannot buy it for real money. But why should you collect them?

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Why do you need gold bullion?


What can you do with bars? With gold bars, you can enjoy a variety of services in one round. These are offered by NPCs on the map and can give you several advantages. You can buy the following items with the bar:

  • Exotic weapons that are powerful and have special abilities.
  • Services like bodyguards to protect or activate cracks
  • You can tip the bus driver
  • Information how to show the nearest storm zone

All of these weapons and services are only offered by the character and can only be purchased with gold bullion. So if you want a special weapon or want to get an advantage for a round, then you need a bar.

Where can you find gold bullion?

How to get currency: There are different ways to get gold bullion. However, you have to follow them, because you won't find the bar that fast. You have these options:

  • Find the gift board and accept orders; this will be rewarded with a bar
  • Use your pickaxe to smash things like beds, sofas or cash registers to find more bars
  • Eliminated players also drop loot bars.
  • Complete NPC challenges that will earn you gold bars.

If you pay attention to this during your spin, you will find yourself with a bit of luck; After all, exotic weapons are not very cheap. If you want to get gold bars fast, we have tips on how to collect gold bars faster.

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Gold bars are now part of the resources for Season 7. However, they're not the only things to collect. Aliens have made themselves comfortable on Fortnite Island and are scattering alien artifacts everywhere. You need these resources to design your own alien.

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