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Stickers for Telegram: How to make your own stickers on Telegram

How to make stickers telegram - An original way of expressing emotions and feelings with stickers on Telegram, making group or individual conversations more fun. That is why, in the following text, you will find a list of the best stickers available to use in this popular instant messaging app. In addition, in addition to this information, the main sites on the Internet are shown to download it.

Stickers for Telegram: How to make your own stickers on Telegram

In the same way, you will learn how to create your own stickers for Telegram, so that you can surprise your contact list and share them or make money with them. Since the app is betting big on having this functionality on its platform, you'll find stickers from various categories. Among these we can mention famous anime, Marvel superheroes, movies, series or TV shows, etc.

How to make your own stickers on Telegram

If you prefer to make your own stickers to surprise your contacts, you can do so by following the appropriate steps for that. Now, before knowing what it is, you should consider the main requirements for creating stickers for Telegram or any other application. They are described below:

  • Images must be a maximum of 512kb.
  • It must be in PNG format, i.e. no background.
  • The approximate size should be 512x512px.
  • White strokes or shadows are usually added to it.

With this in mind, it's important to mention that there are plenty of mobile apps for Android or iOS, which make the job of creating stickers on mobile easier. Among them we can mention: Sticker Studio, Sticker Maker and 


Now, the process of creating your sticker is basically the same in all apps, the first step is to remove the background of the image.

Stickers for Telegram: How to make your own stickers on Telegram

Because, the idea or essence of a sticker is that it looks exactly like that, a label that you can stick and not just any photo. Several apps offer an alternative to removing the background from the same function, however, if you wish, you can use an external tool for greater precision.

Once this task is complete, the next step is to upload the image to the selected application and apply a finishing touch, such as text, stroke, or shadow.


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When everything is ready, it is time to export your images and start creating your own sticker packs for Telegram or any other instant messaging app you want. Creativity will be your only limit, you just need to make sure to use good quality images for the stickers to be clearly appreciated.

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