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How to delete your Telegram account step by step

How to delete telegram account - Telegram is an app that develops gradually and most people use it in mobile or web versions, depending on their needs. However, for those who want to delete a Telegram account the method is very easy, so read on to find out the various ways to do it.

How To Delete Telegram account

The application has many utilities such as chat between people and / or groups, video calls and voice calls, also allows you to interact with bots, as well as the possibility of having secure and encrypted conversations. That is why when you know all the options it offers you and if you still want to delete your Telegram account then we will tell you what you should do.

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How to delete your Telegram account step by step

To delete a Telegram account, you don't need to access the Web version of Telegram but go specifically to the deactivation site: fill out the form, where you need to enter your phone number.


Then, you will receive a confirmation code via your mobile phone, which you will have to enter in the window you have opened in Telegram, to proceed with the account deletion process. When confirming account deletion, you can optionally indicate the reason why you decided to delete it, although it is not mandatory to do so.


Once you have completed all the data, you must press "Delete my account" to confirm the process and delete the Telegram account. Another way is to set an account self-destruct period. To do this, you have to open the options menu from your phone or computer and click on the Settings option.

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Next, you have to click on the privacy and security section to continue. Then look for the Advanced category and click on the “Delete my account” option and configure the period of inactivity so that it is automatically deleted. It is important to note that when deleting a Telegram account, all chats, contacts, groups and/or Telegram channels with which you are affiliated will be lost.

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