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Ferrari time trials in Fortnite Season 7, How to complete ?

Where to complete the Ferrari time trials in Fortnite Season 7 - Epic Games teased the Fortnite x Ferrari collaboration yesterday by posting a close-up of the Ferrari logo on the car with Fortnite on the tire. Ferrari later confirmed that the Ferrari 296 GTB would arrive at Fortnite today. There was no information other than the new vehicle that came to Fortnite.

We also have epic missions for Fortnite week 7 that will require players to use the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Ferrari time trials in Fortnite Season 7, How to complete ?

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Players may not know how to find a Ferrari or how to complete time trials. Here's how to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

How To Complete Ferrari time trials in Fortnite

To complete the Ferrari time trials, you will need to know where to find one. Fortunately, it seems that not all locations are random for every game. Here we have a guide that will give you a 100% generation location for the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Once you have a Ferrari, you can start the Ferrari time trial. One of the locations where you can find a Fortnite Ferrari time trial is the purple bridge that is northeast of Sticky Swamp and a few meters from the gas station.

Once you see the Ferrari time trial logo there, simply drive the car along the road and be sure to go through the holograms of the time trial. You should be able to easily drive through each one and complete the test. It will take about a minute to complete, but you should be able to complete it on your first try.  Also Read: How To Destroy Ship in fortnite

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