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How to complete the "destroy the ship" mission in Fortnite

How To Destroy Ship in fortnite - One of the epic missions of Week 6 Season 5 of Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 calls for destroying ships. This Fortnite challenge/mission is called "destroy the ship".

This is a complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide on where to find ships and how to destroy them:

How to complete the "destroy the ship" mission in Fortnite

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Fortnite Season 5: Ship Locations in fortnite
The mission calls for destroying seven ships, regardless of the game mode, whether they are in the same game or several.

Here is a map with some of the points on the island where the ship was found:

How to complete the "destroy the ship" mission in Fortnite

Multiple map locations where there are ships

The three types of boats considered for completing this quest are a blue metal canoe, a small wooden fishing boat, and a large wooden fishing boat. Here is a picture for reference where there are both types of boats to make the task easier:
How to complete the "destroy the ship" mission in Fortnite

The ships that count in this challenge are these three types
To destroy the ship, you can use a pickaxe, throw explosives, or shoot it with any weapon. These items shouldn't cost much.

Destroy the ship with pickaxe
Considering the type of challenge, play Team Brawl. Ideally, you should immediately drop to a place with a large concentration of ships, such as Campo Calígine and its surroundings, or Sandy Cliffs.

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In the two locations mentioned on this map are fishing shops where there are various metal canoes which can be destroyed in any way you like. Keep in mind that these objects don't reappear after being destroyed, so if a player from the enemy team or a teammate destroys the ship we want to destroy ourselves, we have to keep looking on the map until we find somewhere else where we find the boat to destroy.

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