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How To Deploy the alien nanomachines [Legendary Challenge]

How to deploy alien nanites -  It seems that Sunny has found out about this alien technology and now wants to help the aliens establish themselves even more by creating more alien biomes for them, like the one present in Holly Hatchery.

She is currently enlisting the help of players to carry out her tasks and rewards anyone who is willing to create more alien biomes for her in the game. Players who decide to help her will be tasked with fielding a Nanite and, upon completion, will be rewarded with 30,000 experience points.


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How To Deploy the alien nanomachines [Legendary Challenge]

To complete the "Deploy an Alien Nanomachine Cube" challenge, players must obtain one and activate it anywhere on the island. Once completed, players will be rewarded with experience points.

Now that entering the Mothership cannot be activated, players will have to resort to searching for Nanites in chests and floor loot. Since Holly Hatchery is now an alien POI for the most part, there is a higher chance of Nanites spawning at that location.

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If you find it too difficult to complete, we recommend waiting until the hijacker ships appear again in Fornite, which should be soon. The challenge is currently live.

FORTNITE | Legendary missions

  • Receive orders from Slone through a public phone (0/1): 15,000 Season XP.
  • Interact with a citizen band radio (0/1): 45,000 SE season PE.
  • Place welcome gifts in Sacred Hotbed (0/2): 30,000 Seasonal XP.
  • Deploy a Cube of Alien Nanomachines (0/1): 30,000 Season XP.
  • Get an alien parasite to stick to you and then talk to Sunny (0/1): 30,000 Season XP.
  • She dances near Zyg and Cortecitos (0/1): 30,000 SE Season.

Total value: 180 thousand PE 

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