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How To create a thread on Twitter on mobile and computer

How to create thread on Twitter - When 280 characters are not enough to express what you want, you need to know how to create a thread on Twitter. This is called a sequence of linked Tweets to expand an idea, provide context, or update information. Despite this being mentioned in the official support, users keep finding more creative methods to get the most out of this Twitter tool.

How To create a thread on Twitter on mobile and computer

With this feature you can tell anecdotes, jokes, share pictures or even open discussions and reflections with other users. Some companies use this tool to create very ingenious advertising campaigns, grabbing people's attention. Furthermore, you can learn to create Twitter threads step by step from your PC or via your mobile device, and you'll even see an additional set of tips that you can put into practice.

How To thread on Twitter

1. How to create a thread on Twitter From the phone
The process for creating a Twitter thread on your mobile device is very simple and you will only spend the time and effort it takes to compose your tweet. The first thing you have to do to do this is enter the app and then you have to follow these instructions:

  • Inside the app, press the blue pen icon. It's located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • A Tweet creation window will appear, continue to write the first part of the message and click the "+" symbol at the bottom right, on the device keyboard. Repeat the process to add more Tweets to your thread.
  • At the end of writing, you must click the "Tweet all" button to publish the entire thread.
  • Lastly, you can also choose who can reply to your post before ending the thread. To do this, click "Anyone can respond" which is next to the "+" symbol, there you will see various options available to you.
  • These are the basic steps for creating a Twitter thread on mobile, note that images, GIFs, links, surveys and more can be added to each Tweet that composes it. You can also start a thread through an old post by clicking the "Reply" option.

2. How to create a thread on Twitter From PC
The process for creating a Twitter thread from your computer is similar to that on a mobile device. To do this, you need to log into your Twitter account and follow the steps shown below:

  • Create a Tweet from the section that says "What happened?"
  • Instead of pressing the Tweet button, select the plus (+) icon. You have to start typing to see the symbol appear.
  • A small window will open where you will see the main Tweet along with the one you added to the thread. Write in the "Add another Tweet" space.
  • As before, you have to type to see the plus icon and you can press it as many times as needed to continue adding Tweets to the thread.
  • When you're done, hit "Tweet all" to share the post.

Additional tricks
Every user brings their own essence when expressing themselves in their Tweets, and that's why there's no set formula for creating the perfect thread. Even if you can follow a set of tips that will help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your publications, namely:

  • Watch out for spelling mistakes: While social media offers some flexibility at this point, it's always best to write posts that meet basic spelling and grammar requirements.
  • Be direct and specific about the topic to be covered: You should make the topic of the thread clear at the beginning of the thread, because talking about different topics in the same publication can quickly lose interest in readers.
  • Keep the main idea: Sequence and coherence should be sought in every Tweet added to a thread, as they are interrelated. Remember that you have a main topic that is not good to digress.
  • Correcting or deleting an incorrect Tweet: It is best to edit or completely delete one of the publications, if it does not provide continuity to the topic, has other errors, or the information is incorrect.
  • Read the thread: Lastly, it is recommended to read everything you write before publishing it. This way you can ensure that there are no errors or that you are able to express what you really want with your words.

This is all the basic information you should know to start creating threads on Twitter and sharing with all your followers on social networks, whether from your PC or mobile. Remember to take each tip into account so that you can reach more people with the content you produce.

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