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How To Save Drafts on Instagram and How to find drafts on instagram

How To Save Drafts of photo posts on Instagram - Did you know that you can now save your posts to Instagram drafts? Thanks to this function, you can delay uploading images or continue editing later.
The introduction of the concept of Instagram is one of the improvements added by the app version 9.4.0. Saving your image in it retains the filters and text that you have applied to the image during the editing process.

Instagram users have long been asking for a concept introduction that, like email, would allow them to save their work.

How To Save Drafts on Instagram and How to find drafts on instagram

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So, after several tests, the designers of this social network decided to officially launch the long-awaited upgrade in September 2016. Next, we reveal all the secrets of Instagram drafts so that you can make the most of their possibilities. Take note!

How To Save a Draft on Instagram

  • Within the Instagram app, you select an image to create a new post.
  • Select the filter you want to apply and click the Next option.
  • When you are in the section to enter text, press Return.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the message Save as draft?
  • In it you will see that two options are displayed: Discard and Save as draft.
  • Click on the Save as draft option.
  • The image you edit will be saved with all the modifications you make.

Where are Drafts stored and how to publish drafts on instagram

  • Click the camera icon that appears in the middle of the app's bottom menu (as if you were about to upload an image).
  • Select Gallery to view your smartphone's photo library. You'll notice that a new line has been added called Drafts: this is where your archived publications will be stored later.
  • Select the draft you created and click Next.
  • Continue editing the image where you left it and, when you're ready, hit Share to upload it to Instagram.

How To Delete Drafts on Instagram
If you want to delete your Instagram draft just follow the following path: camera icon > Gallery > Manage > Edit (top right corner) > Draft you want to delete > Done > Discard. Remember, unlike Windows and Mac, Android doesn't have a recycle bin, so once a draft is deleted, there's no going back.

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Imagine running out of Wi-Fi in the middle of editing an image, or you're a marketer looking to optimize your posting schedule. It is not surprising that all types of editors (text, photography, video, etc.) incorporate similar functions. No one wants their work to go to waste!

Now that you know where Instagram drafts are stored and how to use them to preserve your creations, it's definitely easier to edit your images. Also Read: How To archive posts on Instagram

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