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Gain followers on TikTok || How to gain followers on TikTok 2021

How To Gain Followers on Tiktok -  There is a social network that has stood out considerably in recent times. And it is that its dynamism, format and even its algorithm give users everything they enjoy the most. Did you already guessed? Great! Because today we will talk about how to gain followers on Tik Tok.

Before starting, it must be clarified that, as in any other social network, you need a content strategy if you want to succeed in it. Remember also that it can be a slow process and that it requires patience, perseverance and creativity.

TiK Tok stands out for being a social network in which one-minute long videos are shared. Within the same app, you have options to create, edit and upload video selfies, as well as hundreds of filters and songs to include.

Best of all, this video editing is not complicated to do, so many people let their great creativity shine in a matter of minutes.

Gain followers on TikTok || How to gain followers on TikTok 2021

Obviously, there are people who produce more, and that is the wonderful thing about the network: there are all kinds of music videos!, Even informative and tutorials.

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Of course, the topic in which your videos unfold will influence how quickly your number of followers on Tik Tok grows. However, there are certain tips that you can use to get the most out of it and increase your followers.


How to get followers on tiktok

1) Have an active profile

This point is no different from other social networks. However, we believe it is competent to remember it. If you really want to increase the number of your followers, you must do everything possible to maintain an active profile.


If possible, do it daily. It is also very important that, when we talk about uploading content, you do not upload just to comply; quality and valuable content are necessary to attract the attention of your audience.


And beware, with quality we are not talking about a high-caliber camera, but that the content of the video itself provides something new and fresh

2) Participate in the challenges

Because lately Tik Tok is the social network that is responsible for creating the most viral videos, so it is a very good opportunity to expand your profile and have more reach!  Best of all, it is an entertaining process, in which you don't even have to do an exhaustive search; 


These viral videos usually appear in the feeds of all (or the vast majority).  Therefore, using the corresponding song and the challenge's own hashtag should be enough.  Remember not to forget to also make your original content: if you do only the challenges you can achieve the opposite effect, especially if the current viral has nothing to do with your content.

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3) Use hashtags

We well know that hashtags are like the GPS of the networks. For this reason, it is important that you include them in your videos. Remember that with them you can reach your target audience and, consequently, gain followers.


For that you should use those that are related to your video and avoid including those that are fashionable or with more searches (unless they really have to do with your content). 


You must bear in mind that it is one thing to have a high number of followers, and another totally different is to have real followers. You should always aim for the latter, which will be the ones that will interact the most with your content. And for this, it is essential to use the corresponding hashtags.

4) Interact with your community

Let's be honest, would you really long follow someone who shows zero affection for their followers? Or that he only dedicates himself to uploading videos and nothing else? The truth is that it is important not only to be the center of attention, ironic as that may sound.


Comment, “like”, share and respond (both in comments and in videos). And not only for your image, but it can also help your visibility, since more people can find your profile and follow you, in case they like your content.


One technique is to leave your username as a "signature" in the comments of other videos. Even if you don't spam them either (for example, telling them to blatantly go to your profile).  By interacting you show that you are there and that your profile offers valuable content. Also, it helps the algorithm, so don't miss out.

5) do duets

This is a mixture of the four previous points, since there are challenges that, precisely, consist of doing duets; you show that you have an active profile; it is a dynamic way of interacting with other people; you will use chord hashtags; and you will interact within the platform. 


Duets are a great way to increase your visibility and, in most cases, in a very entertaining way. So we encourage you if you have the opportunity to do so.

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