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How To use alien parasite in fortnite

How To Use Alien Parasites In Fortnite - Season 7 of Fortnite is here and with it alien invasion has revolutionized battle-royale. As is often the case, the game has implemented new features for the combat gameplay, and one of them stars an alien parasite, which usually sits on top of animals, so feel free to check out one of them whenever they become a chicken, wolf or pig. Forest.

How To use alien parasite in fortnite

If you approach an animal with an alien parasite, it will stick to the player and lower their health by up to 60. However, equipped with the parasite, the enemy will not be able to damage the player by shooting his head.


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Likewise, the speed and height of the jump will increase markedly. In this way, despite lowering health, being equipped with parasites can benefit us in the game, even though it implies dominance in the game so as not to be eliminated.

In the case of wanting to get rid of alien parasites from our heads, simply put water or objects such as trash cans, burn themselves with fire or let them rot to death.
For the information that can be shared about How to use alien parasites on fortnite and how to remove alien parasites from our heads on fortnite, I hope this post is useful for you. 

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