fn.ggbestfriendzy start date and rewards Fortnite Best Friendzy

fn.gg/bestfriendzy - Fortnite has launched a new way for players to earn exclusive limited rewards called Best Friendzy. Here are all the details.  Fortnite has been offering players a variety of new content in Season 7 recently, not only with the Battle Pass but also through the Imposters game mode and the upcoming Island Games event.

fn.ggbestfriendzy start date and rewards Fortnite Best Friendzy

In addition to this, players have been given another way to receive exclusive and limited rewards through a new Best Friendzy system, which sees the spur of the party. Here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite Best Friendzy event

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What is Fortnite Best Friendzy and when does it start?

Fn gg bestfriendzy, Best frenzy fortnite is a new limited-time reward system in Fortnite that requires players to join anyone on their friends' list and play together to receive points.

Visit bestfriendzy.fortnite.com and follow the instructions provided to link your Epic account. Once completed, Fortnite will track your Best Friend progress and your friends.

You must be registered and logged into the Best Friendzy website to track your point progression. Your friends don't need to sign up so they can see your progress together, but they can sign up if they want to track their own point progression.

The progression of your points is based on the time you spend playing Fortnite with friends:

  • Every 10 minutes played together in Battle Royale = 1 point
  • Every 10 minutes played together in Creative = 1 point (maximum of 6 points per day)
  • Bonus: During the 60 minute daily bonus you select, you will receive a 3X bonus for the time you spend playing Fortnite (i.e. every 10 minutes played together = 3 points).

The Best Friendzy event will run from August 31 to September 12 at 4:00 PM EDT, so be sure to enjoy as much playtime as possible during this period.

Fornite Best Friendzy Rewards

There are currently four rewards up for grabs that players can earn through Fortnite Best Friendzy. However, to get the best rewards, players need to collect points and play with friends as much as possible.

fn.ggbestfriendzy start date and rewards Fortnite Best Friendzy

These are the rewards you can get from Fortnite Best Friendzy:

  • Outer space handshake emoticon = 3 points
  • Invasion Remix Track = 10 points
  • Life’s a Beach Wrap = 20 points
  • Aquari-Ax Peak = 50 points


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As these rewards are only available from August 31 to September 12, for those interested in earning the Aquari-Ax pickaxe, be sure to play with friends and make the most of your 60 minute daily bonus to reach the final reward as much as possible. fast as possible.

That's it for the Fortnite Best Friendzy event start date and rewards. For more information, check out our article on the upcoming Fornite Batman crossover event. 

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