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How to slide kick in fortnite for success

How to slide kick in fortnite - Chapter 3 has been full of new mechanics for Fortnite players to get used to. At the start of the season, when the developers temporarily removed player building, a swipe mechanic was added, allowing players to swipe as a way to move around the map faster. Players can also slip through doors they wanted to open as a quicker way to get into a new area.

Now, there is an additional mechanism added to the slide feature, which allows players to complete a slide kick and deal damage to enemies or objects. This feature is new to Season 4, but has already proven itself for those who have mastered it. But how is the slide kick performed in Fortnite?

Fortunately, doing a sliding kick successfully isn't that difficult, especially if you've already mastered the art of sliding. All you have to do is slide regularly, and whenever you make contact with another object at the end of your slide, you'll automatically perform a kick.

How to slide kick in fortnite for success

Unfortunately, if you haven't figured out how to slide yet, this is where you need to get good if you want to complete the various challenges that require you to successfully slide kicks.

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The slide kick feature forces players to be even more aware of their close terrain as they can use it to their advantage while playing. You can also slide kicks on runaway rocks, using them to hit enemies for serious damage.

When playing Fortnite on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or with a PC controller, all you have to do to glide is press the right thumbstick while sprinting. For those who play on PC with a keyboard, you will need to press the left Ctrl button.

Fortnite added a new Slide Kick!

— Nick Eh30 (@NickEh30) September 19, 2022

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This will automatically slide you down the slide, though it's only for a short distance before your character gets up and starts running again. This means you'll need to make sure you're a safe distance from your target before you slide, or the kick part won't succeed.

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