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How To complete a sideways encounter fortnite

How to complete a sideways encounter -  Several new missions are now available in Fortnite, with one of them instructing players to complete a side encounter. Due to the fact that Sideways is a new addition to Fortnite Season 8, some fans may be quite confused about how to start tackling this task. 

How To complete a sideways encounter fortnite

Fortunately, it's not extremely difficult to find Sideways and complete an encounter within it, and this guide has all the details on the process.

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How To Enter Sideways in Fortnite

The first step in completing this mission is to enter Sideways, and that can be done by locating a Sideways Anomaly. These anomalies initially have the appearance of purple cracks, and will expand into large orange domes as they approach them. In particular, anomalies are marked on Fortnite's map with purple rift icons and their precise positions change with each match.

 One additional thing to mention is that players can also enter this "monster-filled reality" by visiting a Side Zone, which are points of interest that have been completely controlled by the Side. As with anomalies, the location of the side zone is not constant from match to match, and Fortnite fans can use their maps to track it down. However, players cannot complete a Side Encounter in the Side Zone and therefore this type of area should not be the target to complete the mission detailed in this guide.

How To Complete a Side encounter in Fortnite

Once a player locates and enters the Sideways through an anomaly, they will immediately find themselves in the middle of a Sideways encounter. These encounters focus on sending waves of cube monsters, with each elimination being added to the yellow bar that is placed near the top of the screen. To complete a Sideways encounter, fans must fill that bar completely without getting knocked out, and grabbing some powerful weapons in Fortnite before committing is recommended.

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In fact, while players may encounter a couple of different side weapons while inside an anomaly, it's generally best to prepare a bit before entering. Fans who ignore this warning and walk in weaponless can quickly find themselves dispatched by a horde of Cube Monsters or even an opposing player. If that happens, the player will not receive credit for completing the Sideways encounter, and will have to start this Fortnite Season 8 Mission all over again.

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