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How to collect concert coin in Fortnite || collect concert coin fortnite

Concert coin fortnite -  Epic Games has collaborated with numerous artists and the first major collaboration started with Marshmello. The collaboration included a live concert that included challenges and cosmetics available in the store.

Players can earn free cosmetics by completing Marshmello's challenges and purchasing the skin and other cosmetics in the set in the item shop. The concert itself was the first of its kind in Fortnite.

We also have the Travis Scott Fortnite concert. Again, this collaboration included challenges that gave players a chance to get a couple of free cosmetics with more cosmetics available to purchase in the store. The Travis Scott concert was the bigger of the two with Fortnite breaking simultaneous player records.

Most recently, we had an Ariana Grande concert and we had the Fortnite Soundwave series. The most recent artist to join the Soundwave series is Tones and I. The first concert began on Friday, January 21, 2022 and repeats until tomorrow, Monday, January 24, 2022.

As part of the collaboration, players are tasked with "collecting Gig Coins" with two rewards, 55,000 XP from Chapter 3 Season 1 and the other being a free spray.

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Here are all the locations where the Fortnite Gig Coins are along with how to collect Gig Coins in Fortnite.

Collect Concert Coin Fortnite Locations || Fortnite concert coin locations

If you are wondering where are the Gig Coins in Fortnite or how to collect Gig Coins in Fortnite, we have all the locations and how you can complete this challenge quickly.

How to collect concert coin in Fortnite || collect concert coin fortnite

To get started, you need to change your game mode, which you can do by clicking the "change" button below the current game mode you're playing, located above the large "play button."

Then you will see the Soundwave series ringtones and game mode I. Select it and hit play. This will load you into the Tones and I concert and within the game mode you can collect the concert coins in Fortnite.

Unfortunately, you will have to sit through the entire Tones and I concert, which lasts around 20 minutes. Once this is done, it will be in a location that looks like the one we have included in the image below:

How to collect concert coin in Fortnite || collect concert coin fortnite


Go through the keyhole on the left side of the image above. Once you've done that, you'll go through the keyhole and see musical notes. These are not the gig coins in Fortnite.


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Once you have flown through the tunnel with musical notes and stars, you will be taken to a different room and you will find a gold Fortnite concert coin that you can collect. This is what the Fortnite Gig Coins look like:

How to collect concert coin in Fortnite || collect concert coin fortnite

Pick that one up and you'll get the free spray. The location where you can find the other concert coins in Fortnite, you will need to go back through the entire concert and do the same. It is quite tedious and takes some time.

It's only worth it if you really want that spray and the 55,000 XP. If not, there's really no reason to waste forty minutes of your time unless you've enjoyed the concert.

If there are easier ways to collect Gig Coins in Fortnite or better locations of where Worry Coins are in Fortnite, please update this article. Unfortunately, the above method seems to be the only way to complete this challenge to collect Gig Coins. 

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