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How to enter a public lobby solo in GTA Online, read here

How to get into a solo lobby gta 5 xbox -  There is always something that players can do in GTA Online due to the continuous updates and the RPG community. You can earn a lot of money quickly, search for hidden treasures, and cause general mayhem.

While most players in a public session in the game are respectful, some may decide to mess with you as you try to complete careers, jobs, and other activities. You can avoid these trolls by playing in a solo lobby.

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How To enter a GTA Online Solo Public Lobby on PS4 / PS5 / Xbox

There is a simple trick to joining your own solo ‘public’ lobby. First things first, you must make sure you are inside a building that you own if you want to avoid being sent to GTA 5's story mode.

How to enter a public lobby solo in GTA Online, read here

This trick involves interrupting your internet connection. This is what to

  • Load in GTA 5 story mode.
  • Unplug your Ethernet cable and connect to a wireless network.
  • Join a public session of GTA Online and enter a building you own.
  • Reconnect the Ethernet cable to your console.

Once this is done, all players should be kicked out of their lobby. You will then find yourself alone in your own public lobby.

How To Enter a GTA Online Solo Public Lobby on PC

While this works on PC as well, you can try an alternative method involving the task manager's network performance monitor. Just launch GTA V and then follow these steps:

  • Join a public session of GTA Online and visit the building you own.
  • Press alt-tab to open Task Manager.
  • Select the Performance tab and click "Open Resource Monitor".
  • Find and right-click on GTA5.exe before selecting "Suspend Process".
  • After a few seconds, right click again and select 'Resume process'.

Once you have followed these steps, the game will remove you from the lobby you were in and place you in a new one. You will be able to play GTA Online on your own without having to worry about reduced earnings and player interference.

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However, you may not be alone for your entire gaming session, as another player could eventually join your lobby. The good news is that you can repeat any of the above processes to get back to enjoying your own session.

After a while, another player may be able to enter your GTA lobby, but if you repeat the processes mentioned above, it won't be long before you're back in a new, empty one.

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