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GTA Online Fooligan Jobs, How to Complete GTA Online Fooligan Jobs

How to Complete GTA Online Fooligan Jobs - As 2023 approaches, Rockstar is offering GTA Online players some new year themed rewards to celebrate. In addition to all the discounts and login bonuses with the December 29 update, Fooligan Jobs has been updated with a new batch of rewards.

GTA Online Fooligan Jobs, How to Complete GTA Online Fooligan Jobs

Here's how to accept and complete Fooligan Jobs in GTA Online, as well as all the new rewards you can earn.

How to Accept and Complete Fooligan Jobs in GTA Online

To accept and complete Fooligan jobs in GTA Online, you must complete the mission First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Company then you have Dax as a contact on your phone. Then call him to apply for a job and you'll be matched with one of five Fooligan jobs.

The five Fooligan jobs on offer are:

  • dust crop
  • Heavy metal
  • Liquid assets
  • working remotely
  • Write off

These Fooligan Jobs task players with sabotaging Dax's rivals in missions such as destroying weed crops, stealing vehicles, and assassinating gang leaders. You will only be able to complete one job each day in the game, which is every 48 minutes.

All Fooligan Job rewards in GTA Online

GTA Online players can earn unique rewards for completing Fooligan Jobs between December 29 and January 12, so here are all the free items and how to get them:

  • Ice Vinyl and Jackets Ice Vinyl Cut – Complete your first Fooligan job
  • Black and White Ski Bigness Face Masks – Complete 10 Fooligan Jobs
  • Long Sleeve Smoking Jacket – Complete 25 Fooligan Jobs
  • GTA$100K – Complete 3 Fooligan jobs as an Associate or Bodyguard


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Additionally, anyone who purchases or already owns the equipment upgrade for Acid Lab will receive the Yellow Revere Rooster Collar SN Party Shirt

Rockstar confirmed that "all clothing and accessories will be awarded and distributed within 72 hours of logging in after January 10," so don't be alarmed if they're not in your account right away.

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