Telegram voice chats, Telegram Update Supports Group Voice Chats and Announce Messages

Telegram voice chats - Telegram Messenger has finally released the long-awaited feature for users. Namely a voice call in a message group!

With the name Voice Chats, this feature can help you make voice calls with several friends in a group message easily. In a note shared on the Telegram Blog, this Voice Chat mode has a unique interface. When a call is being made in the group, there is a special display in the top row.

Telegram voice chats, Telegram Update Supports Group Voice Chats and Announce Messages

There is an animation with a circle shape that is bigger than the other user's icon for an indicator of who is talking. This way, you can find it easier if you want to start talking or express something about the topic being discussed.

The Voice Chats feature can be used to make calls in group messages of up to several thousand participants.

In the future, Telegram will record various user input for using Voice Chats. It is possible that they can also develop video and screen sharing features for groups in the next update.

Apart from Voice Chats, Telegram Messenger for iOS also includes a number of interesting new features.

Among them are the enhancement of the image editing mode before sending, Sticker Outlines and the Announce Messages feature with Siri.


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For those of you who don't know, Announce Messages with Siri is a feature that can be used to make Siri read out incoming messages, when you're using headphones or AirPods.

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As with the information that can be shared about Telegram Voice Chats Groups, I hope this post is useful for you

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