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How to get pumpkin coins Fortnite quickly and easily

How To get pumpkins in fortnite creative - Let's take a quick look at how to quickly collect your Pumpkin Coins for Creative Curse Challenges! If you want to catch all those Back Board cosmetics, you will have to complete this challenge to do so.  We have a complete guide to all Creative Curse challenges right here!

How to get pumpkin coins  Fortnite  quickly and easily

How To Get pumpkin coins  Fortnite

The easiest way to collect these Pumpkin Coins is to enter a creative game and switch one of the portals to the Reaper’s Revenge Prop Hunt map. This was featured previously, but it still works to collect the coins even after they have dropped off the featured list. The code is 4771-5227-9140, just paste it in the field where the destination changes.

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You want to do this alone, or at least with friends who are not going to try to eliminate you. If you start on the Hunters side, which is where you cannot switch to an accessory, then you will have to go to the menu and press Respawn. This will end the round and put you on the props side if you are alone. You need to do this because you cannot collect coins while you are a hunter.

Now that you are on the props side, you will see Pumpkin Coins on the map before the round begins, but they will disappear when it begins. You should wait at least a minute or two for them to reappear. There is one on the ladder in front of you where you appear, so once one appears, it means they have all appeared. Run all over the terrain area collecting them, they are quite easy to spot and in obvious areas. 

Once you've done a full rotation around the mansion, go inside and pick up the ones on the first floor and then the second floor. There should be enough to complete the challenge in one game, but if you come up short, just restart it and repeat the same steps again until you're done. Also Read: Fnskinsnow com Get Free skins fortnite unlimited

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