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How To Put the walls Fast in Free Fire, read here

How To Put walls Fast in Free Fire - Gloo walls in Free Fire are one of the most popular items in the game, especially for their charismatic designs in each of their skins, despite being an extremely useful tool, it is necessary to use it at the right time and with the greatest possible speed, therein lies the true utility and efficiency of Gloo walls. In this section of our complete guide you will learn how you can place the Gloo walls in the fastest way in Free Fire.

How To Put the walls Fast in Free Fire, read here

How to quickly place Gloo walls in Free Fire?


Placing a gloo wall at high speed can be a formidable advantage in combat. Everything is based on intelligence, patience, regular practice of the movements, and configuring the controls comfortably to achieve the desired effect.

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The quick way is to first configure your game controls, some buttons can be made a little bigger or smaller, as well as zooming out a bit or grouping them, depending on your style of play. In this case we are going to configure the secondary firing options to move it a little away from the other controls and bring it closer to the button to select the gloo grenade.

To proceed to perform the trick we first shoot and then without releasing the button we lower our sights and select the wall, then we crouch and place the wall where we believe it is convenient, depending on where the location of our enemy is.

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The truth is not a complicated trick, but if it requires practice and dedication, the more you train this tactic the greater your ability to place a Gloo wall will be. And of course your speed in the sequence of buttons will be increasing. Remember that if you place them at the same time as you jump, they will be placed further from your character, and if you crouch, the gloo wall will be much closer.

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