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Where to find candy in fortnite: Fortnite Candy locations 2021

Where to collect candy in fortnite -   Fortnite sweets are in a particular part of the island this month. As part of Fortnitemares 2021, you can essentially go trick-or-treating if you know how to collect candy in fortnite

Where to find candy in fortnite: Fortnite Candy locations 2021

Unlike last year, which featured a lot of candy in Holly Hedges, this year Fortnite's candy is in a new location. This is everything you need to know about how to get Fortnite candy and what it does.

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Where To find candy in Fortnite

Battle royale is extra sweet this month with all these Fortnite candy locations. Fortnite candy is outside various houses within Pleasant Park for Fortnitemares 2021. During the Wrath of the Cube Queen event, which runs through November 2, you will be able to land inside Pleasant Park and find candy outside many residences in this quaint old neighborhood. I say before because the lure of candy will attract a lot of players, so prepare for a fight every time you land.

You will want to collect candy as part of the Hollowhead missions. These limited-time Fortnitemares missions offer various free cosmetics to anyone who completes the Pumpkin-headed NPC challenges. When you come across a candy bucket, like the one in the picture above, just open it and collect the scattered sweets.

Each type of candy gives you different benefits, like Rift Pretzels that allow you to run around the island for a limited time, or the spicy gummies that give you a speed boost like eating one of the peppers in the game.

Where to find candy in fortnite: Fortnite Candy locations 2021

For now, this neighborhood appears to be the only candy location in Fortnite, but if you eliminate the opponents who are carrying it, you can keep their candy as well. Trick them out of their treats and you'll be on your way to winning all of the Fortnite Hollowhead candy demands.

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