How to link Fortnite account to multiple platforms, Look at this

How to link Fortnite account to multiple platforms -  Crossplay is the next big leap in gaming, and Epic Games has been at the forefront for a few years. When playing Fortnite, you could be playing any other console or even mobile device users. 

 How to link Fortnite account to multiple platforms, Look at this

All compatible devices that can play Fortnite, against which you can play. You can tell who you are playing against with the icon that appears next to their name. But what about your account's saved progression when playing on multiple platforms?

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How to link a Fortnite account to multiple platforms

Your progression in Fortnite, along with all the milestones, cosmetics, and everything else, is stored in the cloud, so your data is always safe. If you link your account to multiple platforms, all of that data can be accessed from each platform you link to. This means that you can start playing Fortnite on your PC or console, so maybe you want to relax and play it on your phone, you can and continue with everything intact.

To play Fortnite, you need an Epic Games account, so you & amp; You have already passed the first step. Now log into the Epic Games website, and in the upper right corner of the page, your account username should be there. Hover over your name and another menu will appear. In this menu, click Account.

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When you are on this new page, in the Menu on the left, find and click Connections. From there, click on Accounts next to Applications

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