Car wheel in Fortnite - How to modify the wheels of the cars in Fortnite season 6

How to get tires in fortnite creative - Find out how to change car wheels in Fortnite season 6, a new mechanic that has arrived in the game after today's update 16.20. We tell you everything you need to know to find and use the modification of off-road wheels on cars.

Update 16.20 has arrived today in Fortnite season 6, along with new challenges such as reproducing the message from The Needle, talk to the Jonesys or find Jonesy I. In addition, new mechanics have been launched, such as modifying the wheels of the cars, something that we are going to tell you here in great detail.

Car wheel in Fortnite - How to modify the wheels of the cars in Fortnite season 6

To be able to modify the cars in Fortnite you just have to visit one of the new areas that have arrived on the island today, the workshops ... but don't worry, here we are going to tell you where the workshops are in Fortnite and how to change the wheels of the cars.

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It serves as a clue that the workshops are always hitting the gas stations or the closest surroundings (for example, in the Viking ship in the southeast of the map it is a little more separated), but once you have seen what they are, they have no loss.

How to change the wheels of the cars in Fortnite season 6 and where are all the workshops to do it

As we have advanced, workshops with wheels for Fortnite cars are usually attached to gas stations, although some may not have a workshop. Below these lines we leave you the location of the workshops that are in the game, where you can find wheels inside.

Normally, workshops tend to have the blind half down, but you can sneak inside by bending over or breaking it. Once inside, you will find the wheels in one corner: they are a consumable item, which will be added to your inventory.

To install them in any vehicle, you just have to launch them as you would launch any consumable, but aiming at the wheels of the car you want to modify. It will "jump" and appear tuned instantly.

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At the moment there is only one type of wheel modification in Fortnite, the off-road type, which once installed will allow you to maneuver more easily across the field with any vehicle.

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