Skin cube queen - How can you get the Queen of the Cube skin?

How To Get the cube queen in fortnite -  With the arrival of season 8 of chapter 2 to Fortnite, many surprises came with this new stage. Positioned as one of the video games with the most users worldwide, the Epic Games title brings us the skin of The Queen of the Cube. Find out here what you must do to obtain it.

Skin cube queen - How can you get the Queen of the Cube skin?

And is that, to make the appearance of the character, players must complete a series of challenges and missions. However, not only will this skin be obtained, but also other elements of the main series of this season. So what should be done?

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It is important to mention that, to obtain the appearance of The Queen of the Cube, you must possess the Battle Pass of Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. The next thing will be to complete the objectives to complete the cards and thus win the character.

What are the missions to get the Queen of the Cube skin?

Divided into two parts, you must complete the five missions on page 1 to obtain the appearance of The Queen of the Cube. To get the Queen's Procession Hang Gliding Island Bane style, you can also meet the objectives on page 2.

Page 1

  • Survive storm circles while wielding a parallel weapon (0/5) - Reward: The Queen of the Cube skin.
  • Eliminate a player with a parallel minigun (0/1) - Reward: GG Cube emoticon.
  • Extort Opponents (0/2) - Reward: The Queen's Court Loading Screen.
  • Use a Shadow Fish or Shadow Stone for 3 seconds near another player (0/3) - Reward: Cubic Vortex backpack accessory.
  • Complete all missions on page 1 of The Queen of the Cube (0/4) - Rewards: Ravage style for the Queen of the Cube skin, and Ravage style for the Matrix of The Last Reality backpack accessory.

Page 2

  • Deal damage to players with a Parallel Scythe (0/150) - Reward: Render of The Last Reality gathering tool.
  • Complete a Contract from a Contract Board (0/1) - Reward: Royal Face graffiti.
  • Get headshots with a Parallel Rifle (0/2) - Reward: Queen's Hymn music.
  • Glide in the columns of smoke in Angry Accumulations (0/1) - Reward: Hang Gliding Queen's Procession.
  • Complete all quests on page 2 of The Queen of the Cube (0/4) - Reward: Island Bane style for the Queen's Procession hang glider.

Not only the skin, but you can also get the other accessories and different styles as long as you complete all the missions. 

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