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How to close doors among US, here's how easy it is

How to Close Doors in Among US - If you've immersed yourself in Among Us as the game's popularity has grown, you may have noticed some things the game didn't really show you when you started. One of them is the ability to close the door. If you are one of the many confused and wondering how to close the door between us, we can help you. Here's what you need to know.

How to close doors among US, here's how easy it is

How to close the door in among US

Closing the doors is a special feature only available to con artists among Us. Because of this, the crew will not be able to close and lock the doors at any time during the match. It might not make much sense if you're just starting out in the game, but there are a few reasons why the door is tied directly to the role of the Impostor.

How to close doors among US, here's how easy it is

On the one hand, closing doors is a useful way of slowing down players as they try to get to and from places while you've been sabotaging different parts of the map. They are also very useful for separating players and then killing lone crewmates. As a teammate, you can't close the door because you never really need it. Sure, this might allow you to avoid the Impostor for a while, but in the end it only hinders your overall development.

However, if you are a con man and want to close the door, you can do so using the Sabotage menu. Open the menu by pressing the button marked Tamper on the bottom right, or by pressing E when you are not near a vent or other interactive object. Now find a door set with an X and press the door to close and lock it.

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Now that you know how to lock your doors, be sure to also read our guide on how to play Among Us for all the basics. We also have some helpful tips for helping con artists and fellow crew members, so be sure to check those out too.

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