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Rail gun fortnite: Where to find Rail gun fortnite and how to complete the missions

Where is the rail gun in fortnite - The Fortnite railgun is one of the great novelties of the game and today we will tell you where to find it and how to complete all the missions it brings.

Where to find the Fortnite railgun

For starters, you can find the Fortnite railgun anywhere in the game. That is, they are found both in chests regardless of their rarity, even lying on the ground.

Rail gun fortnite: Where to find Rail gun fortnite and how to complete the missions

With them you can generate enormous damage to your rivals. This is the reason why his missions are so particular and, in a way, a bit challenging.

Fortnite Railgun Missions

Next, we will tell you what are the missions related to the Fortnite railgun. It is important to note that in order to do all of them you will have to have this weapon equipped.

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Shoot an enemy in the head

For the first Fortnite railgun challenge you will have to shoot an enemy's head. The best part of the quest is that no matter how much damage you deal, all you need to do is hit your opponent's headshot.

In this sense, you can use an opposing player or any of the IO agents. There is no distinction of any kind here.

Deals damage 50 meters away

Considering that the Fortnite railgun is a weapon that can be really effective at long range, the second challenge you will have in the game will be to deal 100 damage to a rival 50 meters away.

Similar to the previous request, it doesn't matter if you choose to shoot a player or an NPC, the important thing is that you deal 100 damage at 50 meters or more.

Deal damage to opponents with the Fortnite railgun

If you thought all Fortnite railgun missions were going to be this easy and boring, this one will completely change your perception.

The third challenge for this weapon will ask you to deal damage to enemies, players, or IO members, with the railgun. The peculiarity of this mission is that it is divided into three stages.

  • For the first phase you will have to generate 500 damage points.
  • The second part requires 2,500 damage.
  • Finally, the third stage will be completed when you have done 10 thousand points of damage.

Deal damage to an opponent within 30 seconds of scanning them.

Fortnite's penultimate railgun mission will ask you to deal 500 damage to an opponent within 30 seconds of scanning it.

In order to complete this challenge you will have to find a recognition scanner and use it. Here we leave you our guide on how to get one of them.

Mark enemy players with a recon scanner fortnite

The last of the challenges will ask you to mark a rival player with a recon scanner. Basically what you have to do is find one, equip it and shoot an opponent.

To finish, we recommend you fall into the Control Cavern. This is the best area to complete all the Fortnite railgun missions and get an incredible reward.

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