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How to beat Chak Lok in Halo Infinite || Chak lok halo infinite legendary

How to beat chak lok -  Chak ‘Lok is one of the first bosses you will encounter in Halo Infinite. This boss is difficult to defeat due to his camouflage nature and aggressive fighting style. You need to make sure you have the best possible gears and upgrades before getting into this fight. This guide will explain how you can defeat Chal ‘Lok in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Chak Lok Boss Fight

You can use Shock Coils to stun him for a short time, Threat Sensors to let you know where Chak 'Lok is when he's cloaked, and use the Grapple Shot to reveal Chak' Lok's position. To erase the shield from him, you can use weapons and grenades from the pulse category. The best way to reduce his health is to use kinetic weapons and grenades.

How to beat Chak Lok in Halo Infinite ||  Chak lok halo infinite legendary

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Chak 'Lok has a good attack setup. Although, you should be specifically on the lookout for an attack in which he jumps. He draws his sword and approaches you to strike you. You must dodge this attack at all costs, as it would take a hit or two to finish you off with this attack. Just like you did with Termonius, use Grapplehsot to play evasive.

The first thing to do after the fight starts is to deploy his threat sensors. You can select threat sensors by pressing "1" on your keyboard. This sensor will reveal your location, then use your Grappleshot to decrease the distance if it detects it far from you. After this, you must rain hell on Chak ‘Lok with your pulse weapons and explosive charges.

You will notice some blue electrical coils on the walls of the room. You can shoot them when Chak 'Lok is near any of them to stun him. That would make it vulnerable to your attacks. You must deal heavy damage to him while he's stunned. Use your pulse weapons and explosives to deal the maximum amount of damage.

Now, you've probably lowered all shields on him, so keep using pulse and kinetic weapons to take him down quickly. However, you will switch a lot between Threat Sensor and Grappleshot in this fight. So, mechanically prepare to win this battle.
This is everything you need to know to defeat Chak ‘Lok in Halo Infinite. 

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