How to complete mission Following His Footprints in Starfield, Read here

How to complete mission Following His Footprints in Starfield - As you progress through the main story of Starfield, after completing the Unity mission, you will begin the In Their Footsteps mission. This isn't a very difficult question, but in case you need clarity on the decisions you're making, here's how to complete the In Their Trails quest in Starfield.


  • How to start following in his footsteps?
  • How to follow in his footsteps?

How to start following in his footsteps?

How to complete mission Following His Footprints in Starfield, Read here

For the previous mission it was necessary to go to the end of the Scorpio constellation to try to locate the Unit. Unfortunately, once there, you will be greeted by Starborn, who will anyway have a meeting to discuss you and your efforts. They suggest you join them for a little chat, so dock the Scorpius and climb aboard.

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Once on the Scorpius, walk to the end of the hallway where you will find the Hunter and the Emissary standing in what looks like an unfurnished control room. Approach them to start a conversation, where you can finally get some of the answers you've been looking for. Just be prepared.

It will be revealed to you that the Emissary was the Starborn who intercepted you outside of Neon and demanded the artifacts, while the Hunter was the one who put a new coat of paint on the inside of Constellation. After some discussion, the emissary will also reveal to you that this is a different universe version of the character who died in the High Price to Pay quest, and you can react to this as you see fit.

Let that sink in for a moment, but don't linger too long because these guys are just starting to get exposure. They will explain how the search for the artifacts is a cycle that is destined to continue developing in the same way, with Starborn and Constellation fighting over the armillary. They explain that normally you're the one who dies protecting Constellation, but since things have been so different this time, they see it as a sign that things are changing. Additionally, Aquino's Guardian in a different universe turned out to become the Hunter as he is now, which is certainly a change of pace from the man he spoke to in New Atlantis.

How to follow in his footsteps?

After completing the answers and questions, you will be able to leave the Scorpius and return to your ship. If you think there is still more to learn, you can head to the Hunter or Emissary to complete the optional objectives of speaking with them. You'll only get more information and perspective, so don't expect any monetary gifts from these guys just yet.

Just before leaving the ship, the emissary wants to give you a kind of farewell gift. You will receive the key to a base located on Earth's moon, Luna. This will start the next quest in order, Unearthed, and you will also be asked to return to your fellow Constellation members to inform them what is happening, beginning the quest Final Glimpses.


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There really isn't much else you can do on your Footsteps mission to Starfield. You'll finally get some of the answers you've been looking for, even if they're not the ones you expected.

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