Fortnite Butter Cake Dinosaur: Release Date, Location Dinosaur Butter Cake Fortnite

How to find butter cake in fortnite - Epic Games Battle Royale, Fortnite never runs out of new content. As players await the new content in Chapter 3 Season 1, data miners have already unearthed Fortnite Butter Cake. Supposedly an adorable dinosaur will debut in the new chapter of Fortnite in addition to other news.

Fortnite Butter Cake Dinosaur: Release Date, Location Dinosaur Butter Cake Fortnite

Butter Cake is one of the upcoming map monsters in Fortnite, according to one of the leaks. Players may have to wait for official confirmations until there is any release. The article talks about the upcoming new feature of the popular Battle Royale, Fortnite Butter Cake Dinosaur, its release date, location and more.

Dinosaur Butter Cake Fortnite

One of the most trusted Fortnite miners, HypeX has discovered a dinosaur named Butter Cake that will appear in battlegrounds after the same update as the Titled Towers POI.


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According to leaks, the gigantic Butter Cake will be lurking somewhere on the island. It is possible that he is the father of the small dinosaurs that we found on the island.

We've seen Fortnite Butter Cake before in the Boba Fet teaser. Players fell in love with Butter Cake right away. The entire Fortnite community was wondering when they will see Butter Cake in the game, it seems the time has finally come. We will finally be able to see Butter Cake after a few updates.

Fortnite Butter Cake Dinosaur Location || where to find butter cake in fortnite 

We don't know exactly where Butter Cake will appear on the map, but we do know that the snow is melting fast on the island.

Fortnite Butter Cake Dinosaur: Release Date, Location Dinosaur Butter Cake Fortnite

It is very possible that the melting snow will discover new POIs and one of those POIs may be Butter Cake's home or territory. Another possibility is that the entire island is the home of Butter Cake and it will appear randomly in different games.

Fortnite Butter Cake Dinosaur Release Date

We will be getting one of the biggest updates to Fortnite on January 18, 2022. In the update, we will be getting POI Towers and with that, we will finally have Fortnite Butter Cake in the game. At the time of publishing, Epic Games has not addressed any of this with any kind of comment. We don't anticipate this change, but if it does, we'll be sure to update the story with what you have to say, featured or not. 

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