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What are timber pines in fortnite || knock down timber pines in fortnite

Timber pines fortnite -  One of the Fortnite week 5 missions asks players to take down several wooden pine trees, and this guide tells players the best place to go.

Fortnite Week 5 Season 1 of Chapter 3 is officially here, and with it comes a new set of quest challenges for players to complete in exchange for XP. While carrying a pickaxe to a tree is nothing new to players, Wood Pines can only be found within a certain region of the island, and this guide shows and indicates exactly where to look.

What are timber pines in fortnite || knock down timber pines in fortnite

Epic Games' ever-popular free-to-play Battle Royale title is now in the second month of its inaugural season for Chapter 3. Making the leap to Unreal Engine 5 with the new chapter, Fortnite has received several significant changes, such as the addition of mechanics. 


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landslide and the recently destructible Timber Pines. According to a leak, tornadoes will be added soon, which doesn't bode well for the trees related to this search.

How to knock down wooden pines in Fortnite

Taking down wooden pines trees in Fortnite itself is a fairly easy task. The main problems related to this search are knowing where to go and being able to differentiate wood pines from normal trees. The main physical differences are that Timber Pines have a noticeably lighter trunk and tend to be slightly taller, with branches starting higher as well. As for where they are, Timber Pines are exclusively found in the northwestern region of the map; roughly from the lake near Camp Cuddle to north of Logjam Lumberyard.

To take down Timber Pines, players can use their pickaxe as if they are regularly harvesting materials. One of the best places to cut down woody trees is the mountain just north of Camp Cuddle Lake and south of Pinnacle Peak, where there should be around two dozen or so. Once players have managed to take down a total of five Timber Pines, the mission is complete. The aforementioned location is slightly south of Lt. John Llama, who can sell players the new Shield Keg item, which is also one of Fortnite's Week 5 missions.

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Speaking of things in Fortnite being taken down, Fortnite unexpectedly went down in the final days of 2021. Players reported issues with matchmaking, login, and other connectivity issues, leading Epic Games to shut down servers entirely during a prolonged period. While Fortnite was back online in a matter of hours, Epic is offering a power leveling weekend as an apology for the unforeseen downtime. 

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