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How to get retraced path and best retraced path roll Destiny 2 Retraced Path

Retraced path Destiny 2  - The Destiny 2 Recoil Path Rifle is another callback to Halo and one of the few Legendary Tracking Rifles in the game.  However, it will probably take a bit of trial and error before you can get yours. There is no mission attached to this. It is a matter of luck.

How To Get The backtracked path in Destiny 2

You will need patience and a bit of luck to get the Retraced Path rifle. The Legendary Tracking Rifle is one of many pieces of loot that you can earn by spending a Treasure Key to open one of Xur's special chests in Eternity. However, there is absolutely no way to tell what might be inside the chest, so you could end up using five treasure keys and still walk away without a backtracking path.

How to get retraced path and best retraced path roll Destiny 2 Retraced Path

However, if your goal is the other new Destiny 2 30th anniversary content, you will likely end up with more Treasure Keys than you want in a few days..

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How to get treasure keys in Destiny 2

You will get a treasure key every time you complete the challenges of eternity. Xur throws you into Eternity the first time you talk to him after installing the update, so you'll have a treasure key to spend before doing anything else.

Destiny 2 Retraced Path statistics

Here's what to expect from the Traced Path (thanks, retraced path )

  • Impact 6
  • Range 68
  • Stability 78
  • Handling 51
  • Reload Speed ​​50
  • Rounds per minute 1000
  • Magazine 94

Hidden statistics

  • Aim Assist 100
  • Inventory Size 47
  • Zoom 16
  • Backspace 94
  • Bounce intensity 6
  • The direction of the bounce tends to be vertical

What is the Destiny 2 Retraced Path God Roll?

There really isn't a bad Trailing Path roll, so if you don't feel like repeating until you land on something specific, you can run with just about anything you get. Corkscrew Rifling is always a solid pick, as are Genesis and Tactical Battery.

Rifling Corkscrew increases stability, while Genesis helps replenish ammo. Tactical Battery has a trio of advantages, including better stability and range and a faster recharge speed.

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It's far from the only new weapon in Destiny 2. The Gjallahorn is up for grabs if you bought the Anniversary Pack, and anyone can complete the Magnum Opus quest to get the Forerunner pistol. If you need new armor, we recommend the Artifact Armor that you can get from the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, as it has its own pre-equipped artifact mod slot. 


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