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Skulls halo infinite : Where to find and how to find all skulls in halo infinite

Halo infinite skulls locations -  The skulls are an iconic collection from the Halo franchise and are incorporated throughout the story campaign, each with a significant impact on the game. Discovered in the world of Halo Infinite, these modifiers can be changed on the fly, shaking up the basics of combat.

The Halo Infinite skulls are some of the most difficult to find in the entire franchise, so many may find it difficult to come by. That is why I created this guide to find all the skulls and their locations in the world. This is an overview of the location of each skull in Halo Infinite and what each skull does when activated (if a skull is found, please add it to the list).

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What is Halo Infinite Skull?

The skull has been a big part of the Halo campaign since Halo 2 in 2004, but it hasn't changed in the Halo Infinite campaign either. By activating the skull, players can change various aspects of the campaign experience, such as enemy behavior, enemy range, and HUD elements. Like its predecessor, the Halo title, Halo Infinite incorporates his skull into the game as a collectible item that players can discover when traveling through Zeta Halo to avoid expulsion. For many, the challenge of finding a hidden skull is almost as much fun as the main game of the campaign itself.

Some of the most notorious skulls in Halo Infinite change everything in the game, making even the toughest legendary difficulties in the game easy to compare. The infamous Legendary All Skull-on (LASO) difficulty level is the ultimate test, where players face near-impossible matches and all the odds are stacked. However, there are also fun skulls that address the wacky aspects of all the Halo games of the past.

I found the skull in Halo Infinite so I'm still looking for it, but in the meantime, rounding up all over the place until now, when those effects kick in

Skulls halo infinite : Where to find and how to find all skulls in halo infinite

Catch skull halo infinite : Halo infinite catch skull location

The Catch Skull is in the northwest corner of the map inside a small canyon. The skull is on a broken tree trunk next to a shallow pond. There are usually exiled troops in this area, so prepare to fight. When the Capture Skull is activated, the enemy throws grenades more frequently.

Iwhbyd skull halo infinite :  Halo Infinite IWHBYD Skull Location

The I would have been your daddy (IWHBYD) skull is found on top of the Banished Tower structure where players fight Chak'Lok during the main campaign at the western end of the central area of ​​the map. Note that getting to the top of the tower requires a plane like the Wasp or Banshee, or an upgraded Grappleshot that can scale large vertical structures due to its short cooldown. You can see the skull sitting on the box.


Activating the IWHBYD skull increases the chances that your enemies and allies will say unusual and stupid phrases.

Fog skull halo infinite : Halo Infinite Fog Skull Location

Mist Skulls are arguably the hardest to find as they are found in very hard to reach places. You need a plane to get it. It is more mobile than Banshee, so it is a bee if possible. Once obtained, fly to the western end of the map with tall groups of interconnected metal columns. Look at the bottom of these pillars for a hidden tunnel that is large enough for the aircraft to pass through.


Dive into the tunnel and find a platform with sniper rifles, grenades, stacks of exiled UNSC armor, and misty skulls.

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Halo Infinite Blind Skull Location

To find the blind skull, travel to the southwest of the map to reach the huge canyon there. Walk along the rim of the canyon and look down until you find a small metal platform that reflects blue light.
Jump or shoot this platform to find the blind skull in the rear left corner of the platform.

Famine Skull Halo Infinite :  Halo Infinite Famine Skull Location

The Hunger Skull sits on a high, isolated island in the far southeast of the map. In other words, you need a plane to get there. On this island, there is a famine skull alongside a dead elite in golden armor. When the Famine Skull is activated, the ammo drops of dead enemies are reduced by half.

Halo Infinite Thunder Storm Skull Location

The skull of the storm rests on a single hexagonal metal structure in the upper left corner of the southeastern part of the map. You need a plane to get there.
When the Lightning Storm skull is activated, most enemies on the battlefield will be ranked higher. 

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