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Fortnite servers down, How to check the status of the Fortnite server

How long will fortnite be down - As Fortnite requires an internet connection to access, players will need to rely on their game servers to be in good health to enter their modes. That said, this is not always guaranteed to be the case. 

Fortnite servers down, How to check the status of the Fortnite server

On occasion, their servers have been known to suffer downtime before a big update or face worldwide outrage. If you can't get to the main menu, here's how to view the current status of the Fortnite server.

How to see if the Fortnite servers are currently offline

The first step players should take when having trouble logging into Fortnite is to check the Fortnite Status Twitter page. Notifies fans when the game is having issues with continuous bugs and server outages. Additionally, the Twitter page ensures that players are aware of any upcoming downtime for server maintenance. For example, it was revealed that the downtime for the v22.10 update on October 3 started early due to an unexpected issue.

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If the account does not indicate that there are any current issues, players are advised to go to the Fortnite Server Status webpage. This web page provides an extensive breakdown of every feature in Fortnite and that has currently been shortened due to major bugs. At the top of the page, you will also find bugs and outages that are being actively investigated and resolved.

In case these resources do not notice any issues with the server, players may need to check the strength of their internet connection. Weak connections have also been known to cause issues when entering the Fortnite title screen, so it may be worth restarting your router to ensure this isn't the issue.

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Those who are still unable to access the game can also contact developer Epic Games. support team for more information on when and how you can get back online.

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