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Fortnite tracker money spent || How much have you spent on your Fortnite account

Fortnite tracker money spent - One of the elements that has made Fortnite more popular has been the fact that it is free-to-play, so that all players who so wish could try it without having to scratch their pockets. But the existence of micropayments has allowed Epic Games to obtain succulent benefits. And from there the question arises: how much have I spent on my Fortnite account?

The skins, the battle pass and various cosmetics has allowed the company to remedy the gratuity of its title. The possibility of launching designs of characters from comics, movies or celebrities has allowed people to be encouraged to buy the skins, and the income in this section is not exactly small.

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Have you spent money on the game? Would you like to know how much? A page allows us to do the calculation and know in what else we could have invested everything we spent ...

How to see how much money you spent on fortnite || How much you have spent buying in Fortnite

Thanks to the Fortnite GG website, with which we can also find out where the items and characters scattered around the map are, we can know the amount of V-Bucks we have spent since we started playing and from there, the real money.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website and go to the options menu that is at the top of the corner
  2. Select the option 'my wishlist' and create an account on the page
  3. Go back to the options and select 'locker'
  4. Click on all the aspects you have and go back to ‘my wishlist’, where all the total cost of V-Bucks will appear
Fortnite tracker money spent || How much have you spent on your Fortnite account

Taking a non-exact approximation, 100 V-Bucks could correspond to about € 1, so do the math and see what else you could have spent instead of appearances. Can you get a game console or your favorite team's jersey for a trip? No matter! What matters is how much fun you have playing ...

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