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How to Get and Find Palia Yellow Perch, Read here

How to Get and Find Palia Yellow Perch -  Palia from Singularity 6 Corporation has been generating a lot of interest in the Cozy Simulation and MMO communities. Some bad, some good. A debut title from the Los Angeles-based video game development studio, the game is currently in its open beta phase. Singularity 6 is eyeing a Q4 release window, so an open beta at this point makes sense. 

The features and content available in the open beta have helped the game receive a lot of praise, but at the same time, the developer's revenue model has come under a lot of criticism from both the community and critics. 

How to Get and Find Palia Yellow Perch, Read here

Other than all that, players seem to be enjoying the state Palia is in right now. However, like many other farm/cozy simulation games, there is a great deal to learn and enjoy. Catching yellow perch is certainly one of them.

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Fishing is one of the main skills in Palia. Like other games in the genre, players can choose to focus less on other skills and choose fishing as their preferred skill for a living. If you don't know what type of fish to catch, you will see much less profit during your play time. That's where the guides come into play. And this guide shares all the details on how to catch Yellow Perch in Palia.

How to Get and Find Palia Yellow Perch

Of the many fish available at Palia, Yellow Perch is one of the "common" fish you will be able to catch. Contrary to its name, this particular fish is not completely yellow. In fact, it has a slight green tint to the upper part of its body. The description of the fish in the game is something like this: a common perch found in rivers. Found in Bahari Rivers without bait.

As you can see, the description pretty much gives you everything you need to know about getting yellow perch. Players can go to the rivers of Bahari Bay at any time of the day and catch them. And since it doesn't require bait, you're almost guaranteed to get one sooner or later.

Due to the common rarity of yellow perch, the money you make from selling it is less compared to other fish. A basic variant of the fish will net you around 21 gold, while a higher quality one will only net you 31 gold total. If you want to earn money by fishing, it would be much better to catch fish that can give you more gold than this, at least.

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Something like a Blue Marlin, or even a Prism Trout is a more profitable catch. However, if you don't want to sell the yellow perch, you can use it as an ingredient in cooking various dishes.  With that said, now you know everything about how to get the Yellow Perch in Palia.

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