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All Fortnite Summer Escape missions and rewards

Fortnite Summer Escape -  It's that time of year and summer has arrived in Fortnite. As every time this change of season occurs, there is a new theme around the island. It also means that a new series of missions begins with lots of rewards and XP to be earned. Players can take part in the Summer Escape Quests this year, with two weeks worth of tasks to complete.

All summer escape missions

The 14 days of the event will take place in three separate sections, but it is unknown when the second and third will be unlocked. The missions will start at 9 am. m. ET on July 4 and will last until July 18 at 9 a.m. m. ET.

All Fortnite Summer Escape missions and rewards

All Lagoon Party Time Missions:

  • Deal damage to wildlife (50)
  • Collect fish from fishing spots in a single match (3)
  • Outplay Players (200)
  • Pets tamed wolves or boards in different matches (2)
  • Reveal opponents with Flare Gun or Fireworks Flare Gun (7)
  • Eliminate opponents (7)
  • Destroy stones (10)
  • Gesture for a campfire bed
  • Collect fireflies (4)
  • Light campfires in different matches (3)


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All Entry Quests:

  • Use a Launchpad in Sunswoon Lagoon (1)
  • Travel distance while sliding (100)
  • Damage opponents while dashing or crouching (200)
  • Destroy objects while driving a vehicle (40)
  • Cloak within 30s of going through a door
  • Damage opponents from above (200)
  • Swim distance within 5 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella or tires
  • Swimming distance in Sunswoon Lagoon (50)
  • Damage opponents with explosive weapons (150)
  • Fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle
  • Destroy Structures (30)

The extinction missions:

  • Earn shields (200)
  • Pick up an apple, a banana and a coconut.
  • Report to Purradise Mewscles
  • Damage opponents within 25 seconds of leaving the water after swimming (100)
  • Sunswoon Lagoon Swim Distance (75)
  • Eat ice cream cones (5)
  • Break Slap Barrels or Slurp Barrels (10)
  • Eliminate an opponent under the effects of an icy or spicy ice cream cone
  • Restore Health (200)
  • Search Chests (7)
  • Sprint under the effects of Slap (200)
  • Pick up rare or better weapons (3)

All Summer Escape Quest Rewards


With the exception of five missions, everything is worth 30,000XP for each completion. Instead, those five unlock a special cosmetic reward to show off your summer flair. There are also four additional rewards tied to completing a set number of quests.

  • Destroy Stones (10) – Rare Pickaxe Artifact
  • Gesture for a Campfire Bed – Treezy Back Ornament
  • Travel Distance While Gliding (100) – Blossom Drop Rare Trail
  • Cloak within 30 seconds of going through a door: Rare Wrap Starry Sea
  • Report to Purradise Mewscles – Nanners Uncommon Wrap
  • Log in during the Summer Escape event – Nanner Buddy Uncommon Back Bling
  • Complete 14 Summer Escape Missions: Savage Fronds Uncommon Back Bling
  • Complete 18 Summer Escape Missions: Bugsy Rare Glider
  • Complete 24 Summer Escape Missions: Toasted Coconut Rare Emote/Loading Screen

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Tea Summer Escape Quests should get you all the XP and rewards you need to fully enjoy the summer.

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