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How to sync photos on tiktok || How to sync videos on TikTok for the new trend

How to auto sync videos on TikTok  -  We will tell you step by step everything you need to know to join the new trend of the networks that is none other than learning to synchronize videos on TikTok

To learn how to sync videos on TikTok and join the trend that is collecting the most memorable moments of users, you will have to make several recordings.

How to sync photos on tiktok || How to sync videos on TikTok for the new trend


Depending on the subject, some 27 takes are being used in some sequences. These are only used with the Harmless song 'Swing Lynn'. Aim for each shot to be at least five seconds long.

Open TikTok select the song and click on "Use this sound" and import each of the videos. You click "Next" and when all are loaded click "Adjust clip".

And there the magic will happen, they will automatically join the rhythm of the song. You can add filters if you wish to give that personal touch to each video. Click on "Done" and then on "Next".

But before publishing it, you can press on the audiovisual and take a video capture to take it without the TikTok brand to other of your social networks.


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How to sync videos on TikTok to remove white borders on your Instagram photos

This is the best way to remove white edges in your photos so they look perfect and win hearts right away. You must take into account that not all the functions are on Instagram and that you have to resort to other platforms such as the example of the challenge how to eliminate white borders such as PicsArt.

Open the application and import the photo you want to improve. Then within the selectors you are going to press "Settings", and you are going to press "Proportion". Then you will select any of the optional formats for the photograph, either "Portrait" or "Square".

Click on "Tools" followed by "Selection" and click on "Rectangle". There you must create with your fingers a rectangular strip that will appear in red and take it to where you want to lengthen. You give it to copy, you zoom the photo until the white border is completely filled.

You do the same on the other side by selecting the shore and filling it in to expand the area. In this way, you will have it ready and you will be able to apply the filter of your preference and color of your choice in your networks. 

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