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Elden ring all map locations || elden ring map with all locations

ELDEN RING MAP LOCATIONS -  One of the biggest immediate changes between Elden Ring and previous Souls games is that it gives players a map. Which may seem trivial to many people, like what game doesn't have a map nowadays, but seasoned Souls addicts are too used to lack of guidance without one.

Elden ring all map locations || elden ring map with all locations

With Elden Ring, however, things are a bit different. Although the Souls games have been somewhat open in places, Elden Ring presents its players with a frankly gigantic open world, so a map is a must. That map in question isn't just given to you though - you need to find various map locations scattered across the open world in the form of pillars, which are depicted on the map, slowly unraveling pockets of The Lands Between for you to delight in. your eyes. on.

So do you want to see the rich and detailed topography of the Midlands? Read on for our list of Elden Ring Map Locations below. We will keep this guide updated and find more.

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Here's a list of every Elden Ring Map Location you can find in the open world, revealing areas like Limgrave, the Weeping Peninsula, Liurnia, Dragonbarrow, and Leyndell, the Royal Capital

Limgrave elden ring, West Map Location

Elden ring all map locations || elden ring map with all locations

The first map location most players are likely to stumble upon is the Limgrave West Map Fragment. It's located right next to the Gatefront Ruins, which is north of key opening areas like Lake Agheel and Elleh Church.

Limgrave elden ring, East Map Location

Elden ring all map locations || elden ring map with all locations

The next logical step from Limgrave West is, you guessed it, Limgrave East. It is, of course, located directly east of the Map above, which is within the Mistwood Forest.

Just a heads up though, there are some especially deadly bears lurking around this particular map shard, so be careful not to get mauled to death. Sneaking is probably a good option.

Location on the map of the Wailing Peninsula

The map location for the Weeping Peninsula region is very close to the Golden Seed Location in the south on the way to Castle Morne.

In an open area just before the castle, where a stone giant is shooting arrows at you, you can avoid them and grab the pillar map directly on the path about a third of the way down.

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Liurnia elden ring, East Location on the map

Upon initially entering Liurnia of the Lakes, the East Liurnia Map is the first one you are most likely to encounter. Head down from the initial cliffs south of Liurnia until you reach the start of the titular lake. Slightly north from that point, you'll find the Liurnia East map location.

Liurnia, North Location on the map

The North Liurnia map location is slightly northwest of the previous East Liurnia map. It is roughly in the middle of the large lake, located directly next to a Site of Grace Lost and surrounded by a series of sunken buildings. If you have reached the location of the Divine Tower of Liurnia, head directly east from there to reach the Map.

Liurnia, West Location on the map

Just to the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes is the Liurnia West map location. It can be found on the path adjacent to the cliffs and surrounded by trees.

Ainsel River Location Map

The location on the Ainsel River map can be quite difficult to find, as it requires going through an underground segment. First, dive underground through the Ainsel River Well found in the rock faces to the east of Liurnia de los Lagos.

Then, once underground, travel past the ruins of Uhl's palace and the bug colonies to find a merchant and the Ainsel Ruins Map Fragment right next to it. You will have to dodge the big creature that shoots arrows at you.

Dragon's Barrow Map Location

The Dragonbarrow map location in Caelid is in the north central section of the Elden Ring region directly on one of the main roads. It's located almost directly in the middle of the two Minor Erdtrees in the area, so they act as a great frame of reference.

Also, if you're coming directly from Bestial Sanctum after progressing through the D, Hunter of the Dead quest line, simply follow the path south and then west to find this Map Fragment.


The Leyndell map location, Royal Capital comes with a couple of gifts alongside it as right next to it you are gifted with a couple of golden seeds and the Lost Grace outer wall ghost tree site. When you pass the Grand Elevator towards Leyndell, follow the path east to reach the Royal Capital entrance, where you will find the Map Fragment Location.

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