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How to melee damage in fortnite easily

How to do melee damage in fortnite - In this guide will be given some tricks to be able to complete some missions perfectly. This post is about the solution to the "Dealing melee damage" challenge.

How to melee damage in fortnite easily
Of course when playing games like fortnite we have to be able to complete several missions and challenges from each season, if necessary then we should be able to easily do melee damage easily

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How To Do Melee Damage in Fortnite

How to melee damage in fortnite easily

The author has some very useful tricks for you, so please see here's how to do melee damage easily

  1. To have, there are two systems. The first is playing in Squads, knocking someone out and dealing melee damage. Keep in mind that the faster you attack the enemy, the more damage you can do.
  2. You have to remember that it is impossible to accumulate damage with OI guards.
  3. The trick is to take advantage of the AFK guys early in the game (who enter the game but don't play).
  4. The system for doing so is simple: start in any mode, preferably Solo, and DO NOT JUMP from the battle bus.
  5. When you reach the end, everyone present will fall, including those who were in the game, but didn't notice.
  6. Don't scatter the hang glider, wait for it to spread out on its own so you all fall at the same time.
  7. This way, when you hit the ground, you can hit those nearby with your pickaxe and increase damage points in the face of challenges.
  8. Keep in mind that this implies that if several people are thinking the same thing, you can run into trouble, but even then, fighting melee with people trying the same thing, you will inflict some damage.

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That's the information that can be shared about how to do melee damage in fortnite, hopefully with this post it can be a solution for you and hopefully you can continue to level up and continue to win every mission in every season of fi fortnite

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