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Sith holocron in Fortnite, Where is the Sith holocron in Fortnite

Sith holocron in Fortnite - An important part of Fortnite's latest update, Chapter Three: Season 3 is your Vibin questline. Each week a new set of quests have been added for players to complete in exchange for some sweet XP. 

Sith holocron in Fortnite, Where is the Sith holocron in Fortnite

This week's task asks players to locate the missing Sith holocron that Star Wars fans may recognize from a galaxy far, far away. We know what you need to do to find it, as well as its exact location on the map. Let's dive in!

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Where is the Sith holocron in Fortnite?

With Darth Vader being a major component of this season, both as an unlockable outfit and as a hostile NPC, it was only a matter of time until a Sith Holocron made its way into the game as well.

  • In order to locate the Sith holocron, you'll first need to catch up on the vibrant quests already set. Missions can take a while to complete, but they offer a lot of worthwhile XP. And since Vader is a level 100 unlock, he'll need all the XP he can get. It's also worth noting that it will take a lot of matches to complete each objective, so take your time and complete them as needed.
  • Once you've gotten to the mission where you finally find the Sith Holocron, that's when you can finally start looking for it and eventually collect even more XP for the trouble of it.
  • To find the Sith Holocron, you'll want to open your map and mark the Rave Cave. This is the location that has been transformed this season from a secret bunker to a crazy party, complete with those fancy roller coaster tracks and driving balls.
  • After you get there, head to the base of the mountain inside. The best way to do this is through the giant hole above or from the canal to the east.
  • Inside the mountain you will see the remodeled secret base. In its front part there is a yellow wall with a shutter open halfway. All you have to do is crouch down, walk under it, and enter the room behind him.
  • Once there, you can finally pick up what you came for, the Sith holocron! If you've completed the quests correctly, there should be several wooden crates that you can break with your pickaxe. The Holocron will be inside one of those boxes and all you have to do is pick it up to complete the quest.

That's all about it! It's not quite a difficult quest, but it definitely requires a bit of fortune-seeking. But now you know how to complete it yourself! Let's hope more Star Wars continues to come to the game over the course of this season.

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