Where to find treasure map in fortnite || How to get Drakes treasure map in Fortnite

Where to find treasure maps fortnite -  On the occasion of the premiere of Uncharted, Nathan Drake has also dropped by the Fortnite island accompanied by Chloe Frazer, inviting us to a new adventure and to meet the first great challenge of the character that marked an entire generation. An adventure in the form of treasure maps and legendary loot.

Where to find treasure map in fortnite || How to get Drakes treasure map in Fortnite

And it is that the most veterans of Fortnite will remember that great season 8 of Chapter 1, before even knowing that the story was going by chapters, starring pirates and treasures. It was almost the beginning of the year 2019 back then, and now, three years and a pandemic later, the treasure maps return to the island.

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Although they will not be as easy to find as back then, in which the challenges marked us with a specific location to go to and look for a map located on a board, which then guided us, in a second step of the challenge, to find said treasure.

Now these treasure maps work the same as the map of Gunnar, the boss of the IO, and that takes us to his private chamber. And that works just like the old boss maps of the island. Only that instead of a camera it will guide us towards an X that marks the spot, and in which we will have to sting to unearth the treasure and open it, full of legendary weapons and loot of all kinds, tools and keys for a possible victory royale.

And how to find that map? Well, unfortunately there is no formula, just luck. And being a legendary item, the chances of finding it are very low. It may be on the ground inside a house, in the middle of a forest, or inside a chest. The key will be to be patient until we can find one, and if we do, embark on the long journey to a treasure that can change the fate of the game.

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