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Dung Eater elden ring, Should Dung Eater be killed in elden ring

How to get to dung eater elden ring - play Ring of Elden you will meet many other stains. Most of those you will meet will be at the round table. Dung Eater is one of those Ternis that you will find in the cellar. He may not be the friendliest person you'll meet in the Elden Ring. 

Dung Eater elden ring, Should Dung Eater be killed in elden ring
He shares a certain resemblance to another character that appeared in previous Dark Souls games. Although he shares Siegmeyer's characteristics, Dung Eater doesn't add much to the player. Let's see if the Dung Eater in Elden Ring is worth killing.

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Should you kill Dung Eater in Elden Ring?


When you first encounter Dung Eater in the Round Table, you will not be able to kill him. You will have to start his questline to have a chance of killing him. If you decide to kill him, he will drop his full armor and the Sword of Milos. You can find it in the room full of corpses on the round table. You will need a Seedling Curse to start his questline and have a chance of killing him. Talking to him with the Seedbed Curse will cause Dung Eater to give you the Sewer Jail Key.

Like Rose Church, the sewers below Leyndell will allow him to farm some items in the area he now has access to. This area is the same place where you can find Dung Eater after he gives you the key. You will find him locked in a prison cell in the sewers. After you free Dung Eater, he will leave you a message at the round table saying that he wants to fight. 

Before you fight Dung Eater, you'll want to progress through the Blackguard Big Boggart quest series because Dung Eater is one of them. If you kill Dung Eater first, he won't show up to kill Big.

The main reason you'll want to kill Dung Eater is because of his sword. Milos's sword is a two-handed sword with Milos's scream incorporated from Ashen art. The best part of the sword is its hidden effect. Every time you kill an enemy with the sword, you recover five FP. This is great for both magical and non-magical users, but the latter may have a hard time meeting the sword's strength and dexterity requirements.

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