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Rockstar games gta 6 release date: bad news, we have to wait a long time

Rockstar games gta 6 release date - Everyone knows what GTA is, the video game saga called Grand Theft Auto went from being an IP well valued by players and critics, to becoming the goose that laid the golden eggs for Rockstar and Take-Two.

Nobody sells more than GTA V, or almost nobody. They are over 200 million copies in just 10 years and all the players who gather in GTA Online can't take any more of the hype for GTA 6. That's why everyone knows that it's going to explode in sales as soon as it's released.

Rockstar games gta 6 release date: bad news, we have to wait a long time

Take-Two released its earnings report a few days ago, and there is one section in particular that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Looking ahead, Take-Two says fiscal 2025 is a "highly anticipated" year for the company. I think we know what that means, but see if you can figure it out:

“In fiscal 2025, we look forward to entering this new era by launching several innovative titles that we believe will set new standards in our industry and enable us to achieve more than $8 billion in net bookings and more than $1 billion in cash flow. unrestricted tight operating. We look forward to continuing this momentum by delivering even higher levels of operating results in fiscal 2026 and beyond."

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8 billion dollars? It's Grand Theft Auto. It's GTA 6

Rockstar has said next to nothing about GTA 6, just little teasers, while full-scale leaks have revealed a project that looks vast and detailed and far-reaching, and also pretty good, even for early production when it launches. They recorded the images.

Rockstar games gta 6 release date: bad news, we have to wait a long time

But what this new report means is that GTA 6 should in fact have a planned release year, which will fall in the fiscal year of 2025, whose dates fall between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025.

Within that time frame, holiday 2024 seems the most likely option, given that all the big games are aiming for at least that window, which has generally been the busiest.

However, since many major games experience delays, many are pushed back to the following spring or summer, which would not be unusual in this case.

For context, GTA 5 came out in September 2013, before the holidays. Holiday 2024 would mean 11 years have passed between GTA releases:

The long wait is due to two factors: 1st the massive release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and 2nd that GTA 5 became the best-selling game of all time by a huge margin, launching on three console generations and generating billions. through GTA Online. About all that.

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It is likely that with the continuous expansion of the video game industry in the last decade, GTA 6, barring catastrophe, will probably be the fastest selling game in history, surpassing GTA 5 billion dollars in three days.

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