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Activate malenia great rune, Where to activate the Great Rune of Malenia fortnite

Where to activate malenia great rune - Big runes in the Elden Ring are a great way to build up your character against all the big bad bosses in the game. However, once you've defeated one of the arguably toughest bosses in all of Elden Ring, you might find it easier after the fact. With such an insane moveset and health regeneration mechanic to boot, getting the big Malenian rune is harder than most. But when you get his big rune, it can even be difficult to find where to activate it. This guide will show you where to activate the great malenia rune in the elden ring.

Where to activate the Great Rune of Malenia in Elden Ring

After defeating Malenia, she will drop her item, called the "Great Rune of Malenia (obviously). And like all the other big runes in your inventory, you'll need to activate it on a big tower high up in the sky. But unlike the other big runes in the Elden Ring, the Tower of Malenia is in the middle of the ocean between Altus Plateau and Limgrave. You can't swim to the tower, so how do you get there?

Activate malenia great rune, Where to activate the Great Rune of Malenia fortnite

Get to divine tower To activate the Great Rune of Malenia, players in the Elden Ring must head to the return tower. The return tower is located in the southwestern part of the Weeping Limgrave Peninsula. In the tower, players must climb to the top to locate a chest near the ballista that rains lightning down on you. 


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 Opening the trunk will emit a gas that teleports you to the Divine Bridge in Leyndell, the royal capital. There is a Site of Grace just before the entrance. Activate it and fight the giant or run to the left to find a pedestrian bridge.

Also, defeat this giant armed with an ax and I'll get you a new talisman, so taking it once wouldn't be a bad idea.

After taking the Waygate, it will teleport you to the divine tower which you will need to access to activate the Great Rune of Malenia. If you haven't defeated Malenia, you can't enter the tower.

The Great Malenia Rune can be activated by going up the stairs to the right and go to the middle of the two-fingered spawn like any other great rune.

The Great Rune of Malenia allows players to recover health immediately after being hit by an attack from any enemy. Instead of a yellow HP loss, the bar will turn a lighter red until it wears off or is restored with a counter. There is a little time to counterattack before the health runs out, so you have to be quick.

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