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Refuel repair torch fortnite, How to use a repair torch in Fortnite

How to refuel a repair torch fortnite - Vehicles can be beneficial in Fortnite to quickly escape or get away from the storm. There are great additions to the vehicles now with upgradeable mods and wheels, not to mention the tank entry and other special vehicles

Refuel repair torch fortnite, How to use a repair torch in Fortnite

With new vehicle upgrades and having to fill up vehicles with gas, it stands to reason that we get a solution to repair our damaged rides. Repair Torches are now scattered around the island and make it possible to repair your cars and other vehicles to help prevent untimely explosions. Here's how to use them.

Find a repair torch Fortnite

Repair Torches can usually be found by searching red tool boxes around buildings, houses, and other places. Or, they may be located near garages and gas stations, particularly those with auto repair shops near them. They're just rare items, so finding them shouldn't be that hard.

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Approach your damaged vehicle

Once you find a repair torch, you'll want to head to the vehicle you want to repair. The vehicle has to be damaged to use the Torch on it. You should be able to see the health right above it in a green bar. Cars typically have a smaller health bar than tanks, so larger vehicles may take longer to repair.

Equip the torch and repair

When standing next to your damaged vehicle, equip your repair torch by swapping it out in your inventory. You can do this by pressing the left and right bumpers on your console or PC controller by pressing the number corresponding to the slot. Then all you have to do to repair the vehicle is point the tool at the car and hold the m1 or right trigger until the health bar fills up. Each repair tool has 200 fuel, so depending on whether it's already been used or the vehicle you're repairing, you may not have enough to fully repair it.

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