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How to get helmet with cat ears in Halo Infinite

Cat ears in halo infinite -  Halo Infinite players may have noticed that people online sport a cosmetic item that resembles cat ears; however, there is only one way to achieve it. Whether or not Halo Infinity fans agree on how 343 Industries handles XP progression in multiplayer, there is no denying that there are some pretty interesting and detailed cosmetic items available, either through Battle Pass rewards. or to buy directly through the store.

How to get helmet with cat ears in Halo Infinite

If players have been popping Infinite Halo in multiplayer today, they may have noticed that people are wearing a cute cat ears cosmetic item on their Spartan helmet. This cosmetic item is part of a bundle, and this is how players can obtain it for themselves in Infinite Halo.

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How to get cat ears in Halo Infinite

This may not be the best news for Halo players trying to save a bit of money, but unfortunately the cat ears cosmetic is only available through the Halo Infinite in-game store. The item is part of the Cat Lover’s Bundle and will cost players 1000 credits to purchase, equivalent to $ 8.99. Credits can be purchased at the store itself.

This is what the Cat Lover’s package contains:

  • Epic Faded Blush Armor Casing (Mark VII)
  • Epic Purrfect Audio Helmet Accessory (Cat Ears)
  • Rare tabby charm
  • Kat's epic charm

As of this writing, there is no other way to get the Purrfect Audio cosmetic item without purchasing the entire package. Even the new Winter Contingency holiday event for Infinite Halo doesn't have any cat ears as part of its rewards; however, fans can still participate in the event and earn free rewards just for completing challenges every day.

The Winter Contingency event ends on January 3, 2022, and players can earn these rewards listed for qualifying in the event's battle pass:

  • Rank 1 - Wild Justice Epic Dog Tag
  • Rank 2 - Peppermint Rare Armor Casing
  • Rank 3/4 - UA / TATIUS Left / Right Rare Shoulder Pad
  • Rank 5 - Laughing Mint Rare Weapon Plating
  • Rank 6 - Epic Snowmageddon Backdrop
  • Rank 7 - Rare Navlogcom Nameplate
  • Rank 8 - Laughing Mint Rare Weapon Casing (MK50 Sidekick)
  • Rank 9 - Myesel's Ammo Bag (Rare Utility)
  • Rank 10 - Epic Sunset Contessa Armor Casing


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Fans can look forward to more seasonal challenges to Infinite Halo as the new year approaches. If players can't get their hands on the cat ears cosmetic, there will definitely be more opportunities to get other entertaining cosmetic items.

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