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Where to find Loot Sharks Chapter 2 Season 3 in fortnite

Where to find sharks fortnite -  Many maps in Fortnite are underwater: Chapter 2 Season 3, and this time you'll be hunting for Raider Sharks.

As the name suggests, Predator Shark will work like Loot Llamas, but sharks are deadly in comparison. You can also use them as a kind of jet ski to get around the map, which is useful while waiting for the water to recede and the car to appear.

If you missed the start of Season 3, you can check out all the map changes here, along with all the Aquaman challenges.

Where to find Loot Sharks Chapter 2 Season 3 in fortnite

Where to find sharks in fortnite

Sharks are relatively rare to spawn, but you can see them by their protruding fins and huge teeth as they swim by.

you are more likely to find Predatory Shark near places like Fortilla or where Henchmen congregate near bodies of water. Followers will shoot Loot Sharks when they see them, so keep an eye on who they shoot.

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Defeating Loot Shark is no easy task, so make sure you have some types of weapons at your disposal and watch out for other players. Try not to get into the water, as it will only be a tasty snack for the sharks. There's also a chance they'll jump out of the water and attack you, whipping and biting you as you go, so be careful if you're wandering near the end of the pier.

Depending on how far the building is from the water, sharks can pass right through the building, which is quite a sight. Once you defeat them, they drop a lot of loot, including a decent amount of rare weapons.

Where to find Loot Sharks Chapter 2 Season 3 in fortnite

How to ride a trophy shark in fortnite

If you want to tame the beast and ride a shark, you need to find one fishing rod. Once you find a rod and a shark, drop the line and wait for it to bite. Jet skis will appear at your feet and sharks will drag you.

You can slightly increase your speed, control the direction you're going, and even shoot enemies while sliding.

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You can find out where to find gnomes in Homely Hills and how to open the Catty Corner vault here. Remember that all the data exposed here is only an internet compilation, it should not be used as a final source.

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