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How to mute stories Instagram of a contact in the application

How to mute instagram stories - Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. Due to its large audience, it is constantly being updated in order to provide its users with greater security and ease of use. However, there are tools that few users know about, such as the option to silence the stories of others.

How to mute stories Instagram of a contact in the application

Network users who are tired of some people because of their large number of stories, or because they simply do not want to see them, will be able to 'mute' their stories without having to unfollow or stop seeing their posts on Instagram

How to mute someone on the platform?

Users have three options to mute the stories of others, one from the profile and the other from the app feed.

To do it from the profile, users must go to the account of the person they want to mute, once there press the 'Follow' button and the mute option will appear; There will also be two options: mute stories and posts or mute only stories.

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On the other hand, to mute from the feed, you must search for the publication of the contact you want to mute and click on the three points in the upper right corner, the mute button will appear there.

Lastly, the other way to mute a person's stories can also be done from the feed. This option works only when the person you want to mute has uploaded a story. To do so, users must go to the bubble that indicates that the person uploaded a story, press and hold the bubble and two options will automatically appear. The first to mute stories and the second to mute posts and stories. The user will only have to choose the preferred one.

It should be noted that the silenced person will never find out, since they will not receive notifications about it.

Other news on the platform

Instagram has announced changes to its platform in order to increase the security of the youngest users of the application. This variation will be included in the configuration of a new account.

The platform's decision focuses on keeping underage users safer, so their accounts will now be private by default thanks to the implementation of technology that makes it easier to stop unwanted interactions with adults.

The technology company pointed out that private accounts are the best option for younger users, since they prevent them from having interactions with adults they do not know or with whom they do not want to have contact. "Countries such as Australia, Great Britain, France, Japan and the United States will implement this setting, which includes software designed to detect suspicious behavior by adults who try to connect with underage users," the company said in its blog. This is how the objective of this configuration is "to prevent young people from relating to adults they do not know or do not want to hear from."

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Starting this week, and globally, the platform will make the new accounts of underage users (18 years old in the case of Colombia) private by default, taking into account that right now there is the option to choose if you want Whether your account is public or private.

Specifically, from Instagram they explained that the private account configuration will force people to follow this account in order to see the content it shares, also in the stories and videos of Reels, although they will not be able to leave comments and they will not see the content in suggestions either. of Explore or hashtags.

For younger users who already have an Instagram account and it is public, the platform will display a notification informing them of the advantages of having a private account and privacy settings.

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