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How to find deleted posts on Instagram and share them again

How to Find Deleted Posts on Instagram - Have you ever accidentally deleted an Instagram post? Don't worry, here we will explain how to find deleted posts on Instagram and share them again.

Deleted posts on Instagram Can they be recovered?

INSTAGRAM has revealed a useful new tool for Android and iOS apps that is perfect if you accidentally delete a photo that has a lot of likes and comments. Have you ever clicked to accidentally delete an Instagram post, story or Reel clip and had the urge to lose that content forever? Well, luckily you won't have to deal with that potential headache anymore thanks to a new feature that the Facebook-owned social network has announced for its Instagram app for iOS and Android.

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How to find deleted posts on Instagram and share them again

The “Recently Deleted” tool rolled out to Instagram this week and will be a godsend for users who accidentally throw posts that have a lot of likes or comments in the trash. As the name suggests, this feature will allow Instagram users to retrieve recently deleted posts and return this content to their profiles. Photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos and stories will be able to return to Instagram user profiles.
Instagram users only have 24 hours to undo deleted Stories. However, all other content can be recovered within 30 days of deletion.

How To Restore Deleted Posts in Instagram

Instagram has revealed this new feature in a blog post. They said, “We launched Recently Removed, a feature to help you manage your content. We know it's something people have been asking for and now for the first time you can review and recover deleted content in the Instagram app. We've also added safeguards to help prevent hackers from compromising your account and deleting posts you've shared.
For starters, Instagram users will now be asked to verify that they are the rightful owner of the profile in question when trying to permanently delete or restore content.

To recover deleted content from Instagram, users need to go to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.
From there, Instagram users can restore or permanently delete content.

Instagram users should also install the latest version of the app for iOS or Android.
Instagram added: “We know that hackers sometimes delete content when accessing accounts, and until now people weren't able to easily recover their photos and videos.

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We will ask people to first verify that they are the legal account holder when permanently deleting or restoring Recently Deleted content.

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