Change name in fortnite, here's How to change your name in fortnite

How to change your name in fortnite - If after a while playing Fortnite you came up with a great name to stand out more and want to change it, this is the place for you. It doesn't matter if you play on mobile, console or computer. We are going to explain step by step how to do it on each device. It is very easy, in general, it consists of changing the Screen Name of Epic Games.

Change name in fortnite, here's How to change your name in fortnite

What is the Epic Games screen name?

The screen name at Epic Games is the name that appears on all official company games on PC, Mac, Switch, or mobile devices. However, this name does not apply to PSN and Xbox consoles. But don't worry, you keep reading.

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How To Change the name of Fortnite on PC, Mac, Switch or mobile devices

To do this you must first verify your account, you can learn how to do it here. Then go to the official Epic Games page and log in. Now follow the next steps:

  • click on your account name (it's top right)
  • click on "account"
  • On the next page you will see your username and a pencil next to it. Click on it and write the name you prefer
  • click on "save changes"

It is mandatory that the username is available. That is why I recommend that you have several ideas in mind when changing it. If the name change box appears blocked, you will have to wait a maximum of fourteen days to try again.

How To Change the name of Fortnite on PSN and Xbox

The names you set on each console have nothing to do with Epic Games. So you can have a name on your console and a different one on PC or mobile. Here's how to change the name on each console.


  • go to the official Xbox page and log in
  • click your name
  • click on "Xbox profile"
  • click on "Personalize" and then on the pencil next to your name
  • put the name you want


  • go to the official PlayStation page
  • click your name
  • click on "Account Settings"
  • click on "PSN Profile" and edit "Online ID"
  • put the name you want


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All these steps can be done from the computer. If you do it from your mobile you can download the PlayStation App or Xbox Apps and make the name change in them, however, we recommend using the PC.

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