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Mending machine fortnite, Where to find repair machines in Fortnite

Where are mending machines in fortnite -  Fortnite repair machines were introduced in Season 7. However, they have managed to survive the circle of storms and are back in Fortnite Season 8 as well. Baba Yaga is back on the island and she has some punch cards too. To complete one of Baba Yaga's punch card challenges, we need to interact with a repair machine.

Mending machine fortnite, Where to find repair machines in Fortnite

Where to find these Fortnite repair machines?

Since these repair machines deal with health kits and shields, they can be found all over the island, literally. Most of them are placed near named points of interest, so they're not that hard to spot.  Here is a map that shows you all the repair machine locations in Fortnite Season 8.

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Repair Machine Locations Fortnite Season 8

Interestingly, there is a gas station near every repair machine in Fortnite. Therefore, it would be wise to check service stations for signs of repair machines. Here is a list of all of them.

  • On the south wall of the gas station in Playa del Creyente
  • In the northwest corner of a building outside the gas station in Viking Ship
  • East of Pleasant Park next to the gas station
  • At the bony burbs gas station
  • At the T-junction north of Muddy Swamp
  • south of Hydro 16 on the west side of the gas station
  • Right outside the building on Blue Steel Bridge
  • west of Steam Stacks
  • north of green steel bridge
  • The gas station between Lake Canoe and The Aftermath
  • The southwest corner of Lazy Lake
  • South of Catty Corner, outside the gas station


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These repair machines also appear as little icons on your minimap, so you shouldn't have a problem locating them.

That said, buying items from the repair machine requires gold. So make sure you have enough gold stored before you can make a purchase on these machines.

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